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If you feel overwhelmed with the choices and opinions out there, you have come to the right place!

Babywearing is a learned skill, not a talent we are born with. Most countries teach this skill alongside breastfeeding and consider it to be just as important for healthy development.

Unfortunately, many Australian parents and caregivers are left to sift through a myriad of contradicting opinions from other, albeit very well-meaning, uneducated parents, as well as the marketing ploys of commercial carrier brands.

After selecting a carrier, we are further left alone to ‘work it out’ based on pictures, generic instruction manuals and You Tube clips.

Not only are there important safety considerations to learn, selecting a carrier or wrap is as personalised as picking out an article of clothing – there is no ‘one right choice’.

So where to begin …?

With the basics!

Decreasing the overwhelm with well-structured, scientifically based, unbiased information, Baseline Health and Fitness can help you understand what’s involved in selecting the right carrier for YOU.

With a variety of workshops, seminars and webinars, you can choose the platform you are most comfortable with.

We also offer private babywearing consultations, with personalised advice and carriers you can try on, tailoring to the individual needs of yourself, your baby, and your family unit.

Your Local Consultant

A proud graduate of the Babywearing School Australia, Adrienne delivers completely objective information, focusing on the important aspects of carrier safety and optimisation – irrelevant of brand and fashionable style.

With a focus on optimal recovery post-partum for mum and healthy development of your baby, these sessions leave parents and caregivers feeling calm and collected, narrowing choices down to a select few, so you can concentrate on the fun part … picking out your favourite colour!

“I wish I’d met Adrienne before buying my first carrier!”

– Jacki, Alstonville

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