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Optimal pelvic floor function is essential to good health.

Pelvic Floor disfunction is not something experienced by mothers alone, men are also susceptible, as are women who have never experienced pregnancy.  Athletes, including dancers, gymnasts and circus artists, are extremely prone to pelvic issues due to the extra pressure placed on the core muscle groups with the high demands, and often inappropriate exercise regimes, associated with training and performance.

A staggering 1 in 4 adults in Australia suffer from incontinence, and more than half of the women living in our living with urinary incontinence are under 50 years of age.  The normalisation of this condition through the media via promotion of incontinence products perpetuates the untruth that nothing can be done to improve (and prevent!) dysfunction.

A former professional dancer with lived experience of incontinence issues, Adrienne is a proud ambassador for Pelvic Floor Health and is working to normalise conversation around what is, essentially, just another muscle group in need of attention in order to maintain fitness and functional longevity in today’s world.

Working in conjunction with physiotherapists and other pelvic health specialists, Adrienne teaches exercise regimes endorsed by Pelvic Floor First  in group classes, private consultations and online workouts – focused on strengthening the ‘core’ muscle groups and tissue repair where needed.

Through workshops, seminars, education and collaborations with others in the fitness industry, Baseline promotes ways to aid repair and prevent further dysfunction caused by inappropriate exercise regimes, and remove the stigma surrounding the topic.

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